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Craft Room Organization: Blending Tools

Hello! Hello! I hope you’re having a wonderful crafty weekend. Since posting the overview & tour of my craft room in January after it’s big makeover, I’ve been trying to take the time at least once a month to show you smaller bites of how I store and organize individual areas of my space.

Today, I’d like to show you how I altered my ink blending tools. All too often I grabbed the wrong handle and ended up mixing similar shades (like blue & purple) when I didn’t really want to. So, here’s what I did to fix the problem…

I have quite a collection of colorful spray paints, so I started by quickly swatching out all of the colors onto wooden craft stir sticks and labeling them with a black permanent marker.

I then removed the foam domes from all of my blending tools and used painter’s tape to cover the areas I didn’t want color.

For speed and ease, you can just wrap one strip of tape easily around the base of the tool, or you can get a little more fussy like I did and tape around the base of the handle as well.

After you’ve given each of your handles a couple coats of paint and let them dry, then you can pull back the tape and enjoy the beautiful rainbow you’ve created.

I used to store my embellishment drops in this stackable ColorCase. I moved them all over to a larger display that now sits on my shelf though, so this case wasn’t being used. It fits the blending tools perfectly upside down or right side up. I keep them with the handles down, so they fit in my drawer nicely.

Whenever I need them, I grab what I need or take the entire caddy over to my desk. I also store other items I use with these in this drawer like extra brushes, foam pads, a silicone craft mat, and my swatch chart.

Okay, that’s all for today. Thank you visiting me. Let me know if you have any questions about this or other craft room storage & organization in the comment section below. I’d also like to know how you store your ink blending supplies.

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Until next time… stay crafty! – Laura Evangeline


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