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Craft Room Update

Hi, there! It’s been a little while since my last craft room update and I’ve received so many questions, so I thought I should go ahead and make a long post filled with photos and resources for everything!

If you want to see the entire makeover process of this room, you can see the first post HERE, the second update HERE, the third update HERE, and fourth update HERE. I also posted a little YouTube video showing how I initially decorated my shelves HERE.

When I left off in the last update, the countertops had just been installed. Now you can really see how wonderful they look. The bank of cabinets across the back wall is permanently installed and the cabinets and countertops match what we have throughout our home.

Yesterday, I took down all of my little deer and trees. I also put away all my Christmas crafting supplies. I debated on whether or not to get some cute Valentine décor replacements, but opted to store more of my albums and other supplies instead. I was worried it would start to feel crowded and uninspiring if I kept piling in more stuff. It turned out quite well though.

The picture over my computer is another addition since my last update. It’s a print I bought at T.J. Maxx several years ago and has been hanging in the stairwell of our house. I’m debating on whether or not I should get a neon sign hung there or perhaps paint something of my own. Maybe it needs to be bigger? I’m not sure. What do you think?

On the other side of the room is my TV where I often play YouTube videos or watch home makeover shows and those junky housewife shows I secretly enjoy. Shhh…

In the corner is a little triangle shelf my husband built to house the TV control boxes, and a chair that has lived in almost every other room hides it all. On top of the corner shelf sits my old spinning card rack which used to be black and is now painted gold. I keep all the sweet cards my crafty friends have made displayed there where I can see them and feel inspired.

I used to have curtains hung over these windows, but took them down during the renovation. I’m undecided at this point on whether or not I should hang something there again. Part of me thinks it looks nice and clean and I can see the beautiful millwork my husband did. The other part of me thinks it looks too blank and is begging for another ’embellishment’. Your input is welcomed on this one too.

Update: I ended up ordering light filtering roman shades I can lift from the top or bottom, so it’s perfect for privacy and adjusting light for filming any time of the day now.

From this angle you can see the secret little power strip that’s been added to the side of my desk. You will usually find things plugged in here like my phone, Gemini Jr cutting machine, heat gun, and hot foil press.

Update: I loved my Gemini Jr for many years, but it has found a new home with a friend. I adopted a larger capacity machine, the Big Shot Switch. The one I have is Cherry Blossom pink, but it also comes in white and black. For compatible hot foiling, I now use the Glimmer machine.

Under the TV is a little cabinet that houses little treats and gifts I find and think would be cute to decorate. On top is an organizer which holds some of my favorite items or things I want to work on next. When I craft, I just pull it over onto the island, so it’s next to me. The smaller organizer on the right holds cards I need to photograph and clear sleeves I store my cards in once they’re done and ready to be put away or sent out.

On the little wall behind my hallway door is a ribbon rack my husband built when we moved into this house. It’s the perfect depth to not hit the door, but to still store my collection of ribbons. Believe it or not, this thing was overflowing not too long ago. I put away all of my holiday ribbons and purged many more. Now I feel like I need more!

Inside the little walk-in closet, we pulled out all the wire shelving the builder installed, and my husband built shelving based on my height and crafting needs.

On the right, above the attic door, are four panels of pegboard from Ikea which hold my wrapping paper, tags, and clip collection.

Three of the Ikea drawers from my old desk fit in perfectly along the bottom, so we built the first shelf as a counter right above it, so I can stand comfortably at my sewing machine. It left just the right amount of room for some of the other machines to tuck away underneath like my Big Shot die cutting machine and Cinch binding tool. The bin on the far right stores my collection of envelopes and stamps.

The next shelf up was built to rest above my eye sight but within reach. Then, we positioned the next one so my existing wood 12×12 paper and ink pad organizers would fit. We spray painted them white, so they would appear more built-in. I also keep my 8.5×11 cardstock on this shelf. Individual colors (and scraps) are kept in clear pockets and I’ve used clear acrylic dividers to keep them all from falling over. In the corner are my liquid inks and sprays which are housed in a clear spinning organizer making it much easier for me to use this hidden corner space.

On the very top shelf, I have large clear containers which store my seasonal crafting items like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, etc as well as a few of my old Barbie dolls that bring me joy.

Okay, I feel like this post is getting quite long, so I think I should stop for a little break here to see if you have any questions. I still have loads more photos to share of what’s inside each of my craft room drawers if that is something you would like to see. Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you for sharing your time with me in my craft room today. I hope to see you again here soon.

If you’d like to see more, please visit my gallery and socials like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Until next time… stay crafty!
Laura Evangeline

Follow Up FAQs & Resources

The Desk

Q: I love your pink stools. Where did you find them?

A: I purchased these on Amazon HERE. They come in several colors including these other fun options I was also considering:

Q: Where did you find the hot pink desk chair?

A: I bought it on Amazon HERE.

Update: The hot pink chair lasted about a year. I’ve since replaced it with THIS light pink chair from PBTeen.

Q: Where did you find those lamps?

A: They are the Tilda Bubble lamps from PBTeen.

Q: Where did you buy the island?

A: The base is made from pre-fab cabinets, but we built it otherwise. You can see more details on the process in THIS & THIS blog post.

Ink Storage

Originally I had the wide Ikea Alex Drawers and used three bins to store my ink collection.

Now, I have built-in drawers next to my desk where I keep mini ink cubes sorted by color in a set of ink cube storage boxes.

Catherine Pooler mini inks don’t fit in those storage boxes though, so I use adjustable makeup trays which fit perfectly perfectly in my drawer. Three mini inks fit in each slot leaning back slightly where I can see the colors.

As my collection grows, I’ll put four in each slot. Since they’ll stand straight up in that configuration, I’ll label the ends with the ink color.

An alternative storage I also loved when I didn’t have drawer space, are these 3-drawer and 4-drawer organizers. Both the mini cube and rectangle ink sizes fit nicely.

The drawer units are stackable and each drawer pulls out completely, so you can take them to your work area easily.

Left-Hand Shelf

Right-Hand Shelf

Island View

Q: What are the the little stands under the pineapple (in the closet) and where can I find them?

A: They are inkpad organizers, and can be found HERE.

(I also use them on their back to organize my cut cardstock, project life cards, & photos.)

The Closet

Q: Where did you get the thread holder in the sewing closet?

A: I purchased this from the Martha Stewart craft storage line nearly 10 years ago. I don’t see that it’s made anymore, but we are working to recreate it along with a tutorial for you!

Q: What kind of sleeves do you have your cardstock stored in?

A: For my 8.5″x11″ cardstock, I like to use these storage pockets found on Amazon HERE. For 12″x12″ papers & collections, I like THESE storage envelopes.

Q: What do you use to photograph your cards?

A: I use my iPhone to take the photos next to the window in my craft room. I use THIS reflector or THIS diffuser to adjust the light and I use THESE backdrops and THIS adjustable rolling stand.

21 thoughts on “Craft Room Update”

  1. Wow!!! What a beautiful space, Laura!! You and your husband did a lovely job. I like the window without curtains. The wall with the painting is lovely. A keeper for sure. Enjoy, sweet friend.

    1. I absolutely love everything about your room. What a joyful room. Can you tell me where you had purchased your built in Cabinets from? The ones with the drawers. Can you tell me the approximate height. Thanks so very much.

      1. Thank you! The cabinets were all ordered from Lowe’s. The brand is Kraftmaid. They come in several different heights, but the drawers I have are “desk height” and measure 29″ tall. 🙂

  2. This is all amazing! Are we not going to talk about the Barbies on the top shelf??? LOVED that! My husband and I are creating a “nostalgia” room out of our 4th bedroom and my barbies are definitely going on a shelf. So when is our sleep over in your craft room?? 🤣💖

    1. Oh, I have several more. I’m trying not to be a total nerd about it. There are some in my closet as well. Most of my collection was lost when we had a fire years ago. I would love to see your collection and nostalgia room when it’s done!

  3. I love this colorful space, Laura! Your design and your talented husband’s skills made it wonderful. I admire those turquoise lamps…..Where did you find them? Im currently working on recreating my craft room in our new home. Your post was so fun to read!!!

    1. I purchased this from the Martha Stewart craft storage line nearly 10 years ago. I don’t see that it’s made or sold online anymore, but we are working to recreate it along with a tutorial for you!

  4. I don’t usually post comments but I was inspired by the transformation of your craft studio. I have two ideas for your windows. You could look at plantation shutters or you could add some color and design to your windows while keeping a clean look with some roman shades. Just find a fabric in a color/pattern that harmonizes with your space, maybe something with pink or teal or both! It would be so cute! P.S. I love all of your creative storage solutions. Great job!

  5. This is just gorgeous! And so inspiring! What a great space to create in!

    I am currently working on designing my space and, in looking at what you have, can you tell me if your cabinets and island are counter height or desk height?

    1. Thank you. This time around, everything is at desk height. I no longer stand when I craft. The only exception is the sewing counter in the closet. That was built and installed at my waist height. 🙂

  6. Just found you on Pinterest. Fabulous room! I love that you added in some childhood loves and you’ve inspired me to do the same.

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