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Craft Room Update 2

Hello there! I am here again to update you on my craft room makeover. If you missed my first post, please check that out HERE.

The biggest thing that happened since my last update is the cabinets were finally delivered on Friday. I had never seen them in person up to this point, and they were ordered so many months ago I was praying there wouldn’t be any hiccups. Once we got them all into the garage and pulled back the cardboard, I was relieved to see they were just as I had imagined, and match our existing cabinetry perfectly.

I had been browsing for knobs and pulls for several months, but never could quite decide on anything until I saw the cabinets in person. So, I finally pulled the trigger on Friday night and ordered these beautiful iridescent glass knobs from Anthropologie. They always have the most unique and lovely hardware. I also ordered these hammered barbell pulls go on the drawers, and I hope they look okay next to the pulls. It’s not easy to find silver these days with gold and brass being en vogue at the moment. I wasn’t leaning either way on metal color until I found these knobs and wanted the pulls to be of a similar tone. The pulls should arrive sometime today, and the knobs on Monday. I cannot wait to see them in person.

After measuring everything to see how the new baseboards would affect the cabinets lining up, hubby removed all of the baseboards and trim around the floors, doors, and windows.

On Saturday morning we pulled all of the base cabinets on up to this room, and dry fit them into place to see how everything was going to work out with trim and the outlets. After marking a few things, we then moved all the cabinets to the center of the room and covered them with a drop cloth to keep them protected. We moved a few outlets, so there would be one in each future bookshelf where I plan to house a printer and my Silhouette cutting machine as well as one behind the middle desk where my computer will go. After that, all the electrical covers were removed, taped off, and holes were all patched and sanded in preparation for paint.

This room used to be Sherwin Williams ‘Silver Strand’ like the rest of our house, but now it’s a crisp bright white. I’m not worried about it looking too “hospital” though, because I intend to fill it with colorful things soon enough.

Once the walls were dry, my husband then started adding new baseboards. The old ones were the typical builder’s grade style we just aren’t into. We are more fans of the Arts & Crafts and Craftsman style trims.

After everything was dry (and I vacuumed and dusted for the 100th time), we moved the cabinets back into place, marked where carpet would need to be removed, cut it out, and then secured the base units to the wall. I also pulled in my old chair (now super dusty) to make sure I had enough room to twirl around between my craft island and computer desk without hitting anything.

During times I was waiting for paint to dry, I ended up ordering a pair of pool bubble lamps from PB Teen as well as a pink velvet chair. Because I knew I would be swiveling back and forth, I wanted to ensure I had a chair with no arms to catch on anything. That sort of thing drives me a bit nuts.

Since we still have two weeks until our countertop installer even comes to measure for the wall side units, I just set my old desktop butcher block tops over the cabinets. The stools you see here are from my bonus room. I brought them in to see how wide of an island overhand I would need if I wanted a guest to sit comfortably. I plan to get a piece of butcher block for this as quartzite is expensive, and the island is not permanently installed like the wall unit is. I like having the option to change it or take it out if needed.

After I knew how big of an island counter top I wanted, I sketched out a basic design to show my husband. We made a shopping list and hit the hardware store. He cut all the pieces down, and we painted them last night. Later today, we will put it all together, and I’ll be back to share another update with you. Thank you for spending time with me. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Until next time… stay crafty! – Laura Evangeline


12 thoughts on “Craft Room Update 2”

  1. Your pink velvet chair and aqua lamp are such fun! Love the sparkly hardware and all this wonderful space. Wishing you much fun as you remodel….you will dust billions of times….trust me…we just remodeled the kitchen. Happy crafting times will come soon and your room will be stunning!

  2. That pink chair spoke to me so I ordered it. Going to use it at my desk while I get my MSN then it will go in my craft room. Can’t wait to see the updates on your room. Love your style.

  3. I really like your ribbon holder that is behind the door. Can you tell me if you made it or purchased it? I could use something like this in my craft room.

    1. We made it to fit that space. The frame is made from 3.5″ trim boards. The cross shelves are 2.5″ deep with a piece of 1-1/4″ crown moulding attached to the front creating a little seat so the spools don’t roll out. The back is open to the bare wall, but you could put pretty paneling behind it if you wanted.

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