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Craft Room Update 3

Hello again, crafty friends! I’m back with my third official update on my craft room makeover. If you missed my first post, please check that out HERE and the second update HERE.

When I last updated you, we were waiting for the paint to dry on the pieces which would form the island desk. Since then, the island was assembled and the office chair and lamps I told you about last time finally arrived! I absolutely love the way this island turned out, and it’s fully modular, so we can take it apart and move it if we need or want to later.

All of the island components we found at Lowe’s including the butcher block top, oil, cabinets, trim, and legs (which are just upside down stair newel posts with the finial ball cut off to create flat bottoms).

The quartzite countertops for the wall desk are still at least a couple weeks out, so my old craft room counter tops are still just set on top of the base cabinets and the upper shelving units are just sitting on top of those.

Last time I showed you the cabinet pulls & knobs I ordered. They arrived last week, but some knobs were cracked or chipped, so I ordered another set. The new knobs came yesterday, and now we have enough to finish the job.

Each one is a slightly different size and tone, so I did need to lay them all out and group the ones which looked the best together. I’m not sure a “normal” person would have noticed, but because that’s the way my brain works, it’s what I did. They’re iridescent and reflect every color of the rainbow. I love them so much!

Hubby also secured the knee drawers in place, added the kick boards under the cabinets, and trimmed out under each of the desks this week as well. We plan to change the carpet to hard flooring at some point in the next year if the stars align, so these pieces were just tacked in place so they’d be easy to remove without tearing everything apart later.

One thing I have been able to do while I wait for pieces to arrive or paint to dry is organize the supplies I have. I created different supply zones in my bonus room including a huge pile of supplies I sorted into shipping boxes needing to find a new home, which you may have seen me post about on Instagram. For the supplies I want to return back into my room, I then worked on figuring out how I wanted items to be stored and organized.

In years past, I organized my ink swatches on individual 2×2 cards in a coin collection album like so many people do, but it became annoying to constantly move things around and flip back and forth between pages that only held a handful of colors on each. It just didn’t serve me and my creative process very well.

Inspired by the single page method I used to swatch my watercolor palettes, I created a similar template on my computer for my inks pads. This organization method has really worked for me over the years, so now I’m trying it with other crafty mediums like my embellishment drops and growing collection of Pops of Color. What do you know?! I works, and I love it!

Alrighty, I think that’s about all for today. My goal for this week will be to work on organizing other crafty items and start moving them into my office drawers. I’m still waiting on the island stools and pull out cabinet drawers to arrive. I have yet to find a good storage solution for the knee drawers at each desk. They’re just over 1.5″ deep, so that one has been a bit of a puzzle to figure out. I may have to create my own solution with foam core or something. Well, thank you again for spending time with me. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with another update.

Until next time… stay crafty! – Laura Evangeline


7 thoughts on “Craft Room Update 3”

  1. Your space is looking beautiful, and you are nearing the finish line. I love the iridescent knobs and am so very happy you have a wonderful space in which to craft!

  2. I am in absolute love with your room!
    How are your countertops holding up to adhesive and markers etc?
    When u use your silhouette I think you have does it pull out or is there enough room on the shelf? I believe you said there is an outlet there for it.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Those are great questions!
      1. So far the countertops have held up very well. The quartzite tops the exact same ones the builder installed in our kitchen and bathrooms, so I’ve had several years to test them out already. The butcher block top is a kitchen counter top, so it’s made to hold up well too. We did seal it with butcher block oil and in general I have always worked on top of a large ruled grid mat both for ease of measuring and to protect my table tops.
      2: As the Silhouette is positioned now it has 10.5″ clearance in front and another 5″ behind before material would bump a picture frame. Since it’s light weight, I just scoot it out further on the counter a bit if I have materials needing more rear clearance. All of the mats and tools I use with it are in the drawer right below it. The power cord is long enough I could also bring it around the side of the shelf and set it here next to me at the computer if I had a bigger project and maybe wanted it more at arm’s reach.

  3. Do you have a more detail plan of how you built your desk/island? I love it and think it would be perfect for my new craft room in the house we are building.

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