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Craft Room Update 4

Hello! Hello! I hope you aren’t tired of updates on my craft room makeover just yet. I promise we are almost done. I can’t believe it’s taken so long to get to this point, but I’m so happy I’m finally moving in! If you missed my my other updates, and want to start at the beginning, you can hop to the first post HERE, the second update HERE, and the third update HERE.

In the last update we finished building out the island. We also installed the lower cabinets along the back wall and the beautiful hardware.

However, I was super bummed we were left hanging on the countertop situation for the back wall cabinets. Since I wasn’t sure how long it would be, I went ahead and started moving things back into the room. Even though I had carefully measured everything and had a fairly good idea where things would go, it still ended up being quite a puzzle to see where things would fit.

To my delight, just three days later, the countertop company called to ask if they could send someone out the very next day to measure. Less than two weeks after that, on Tuesday evening they called to say they’d be here in a couple hours. Sure enough, they did!

After everything dried, hubby and I got to work securing the upper shelving units and finishing out the outlets in the back of each shelf. We still need to add trim, but it’s at least to the point I can finish moving in.

After we finished eating Thanksgiving lunch, I threw on my post-turkey sweatpants, tuned the TV to the parade, and got to work putting the shelves together.

Since I can’t reach the top shelves without a stool, I displayed a couple of Barbies I love and some pretty boxes which are filled with old books and magazines I’ve been blessed to have features in over the years. The next two tiers I can reach, so I chose to store colorful items I use a decent amount of time like my albums, liquid embellishment drops, ink refills, colored pencils, markers, ribbons, & blending brushes. On the lower shelves, where I added outlets, I have my printer and Silhouette cutting machine.

In order to try out my lighting and background I decided to record myself putting everything on the shelves. I never thought this video would get published, but I started thinking… It’s been over SIX YEARS since I posted a video, so what the heck? What am I waiting for? Post it and see what happens! It’s a mere 93 seconds, so I hope you’ll give it a watch, leave a thumbs up, comment, or maybe even subscribe.

Alrighty, I think that’s about all for today. My goal this weekend will be to finish moving in, trim out the shelves, and pack up everything else that didn’t fit into mystery boxes I’ll list for sale. Maybe I’ll even make another video. Who knows! Thank you again for spending time with me. I appreciate you so very much.

Until next time… stay crafty! – Laura Evangeline

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  1. Gorgeous! When it’s all done, you should do a craft room tour so we can see how you have stored everything!

  2. I would love to have a space like this. Will you advise me if I pay you in cardstock 😂? Great job!!! 👍 Lori S in PA

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