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Ombre Pumpkins

Hello, crafty friend! Today I’m sharing details on how I transformed this set of pumpkins into a colorful patch made to match my craft room decor.

Honestly, this project is so easy, I could say the only step is painting, but I’ll do my best to break it down a tad more.

Step 1: Planning

I began with several wood pumpkin cut outs I found in various sizes. The colors & patterns don’t matter too much, because a few coats of spray paint will cover them right up.

I laid them out across my table to vary the heights and sizes, so when my rainbow was put together there would be a size variation.

(I ended up not displaying them in rainbow order, but if I do the ‘design’ will still look nice.)

Since I wanted an ombre rainbow of colors, I dug through my swatch sticks to see if I could come up with a light and dark of each color.

Step 2: Get Some Air

Next, I placed an old plastic planter out in the yard, so I would have plenty of air and to not make a mess of paint blowing everywhere.

I didn’t bother to sand these at all, but this would be the time if you need to.

Step 3: First Color

For the first layer on each, I spray painted the lighter color of the two tones I picked for each over the entire pumpkin. I then set it aside to dry. Depending on how dark the existing pattern was, I needed to go back and paint another coat or two.

Step 4: Second Color

Once the first color was done, I went in with a slightly darker color and set them aside to dry again.

Remember, if you aren’t happy with the color fade, then wait until it dries, and try again.

Step 5: Decorate

Once all of your pumpkins have dried, you’re ready to decorate any space!

If you’d like to jazz them up even more, try adding a bit of ribbon around the stems or splatter on a bit of paint in a complimentary color, gold, and/or white. The possibilities are really endless! Which color is your favorite?

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โ€“ Laura Evangeline

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